Supercharger Seal Kit 4A-GZE
Supercharger Seal Kit 4A-GZE  [12312003]

4AGZE Supercharger Seal Kit

Seal repair kit for SC12 Superchargers only.

Kit contents.

(1) Outer case O-ring
(2) Internal oil shaft seals
(2) (1 OZ) Tubes of Loctite Epoxy


Ever wonder where your Supercharger oil goes? Your internal oil seals will wear out over time causing the supercharger to lose its oil. The oil is the most important part of the supercharger, even a low oil level can cause a supercharger to fail and cease up. Why risk it? A burnt out charger can cost you upwards of hundreds of dollars and that is just for a used one! If you can find it. This kit does not include new supercharger oil or bearings. You will need to reuse your original bearings and purchase new supercharger oil.

Kit does not come with instructions. It is designed for the mechanically inclined only. If you do not know what you are doing, DO NOT attempt this rebuild. Have a professional rebuild the supercharger for you.

Installation requires a complete tear down of the supercharger.

We will not be held responsible for any engine damage due to your negligence or improper installation.

Applications include the following vehicles. Please check your specific motor prior to purchasing.

Corolla AE86 GTS August 1984 - July 1987 (8408-8707)

Corolla AE92 GTS August 1987 - June 1991 (8708-9106)

MR2 AW11 December 1984 - December 1989 (8412-8912)



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